Generating well-being experiences.

BieneStore is a software specialized in managing the benefits and recognitions of your company’s contributors.

It’s a technological tool that lets you manage a system of recognitions and benefits of your company through the assignment of points to the employees reinforcing actions, behaviors and values that the company wants to see effected by their contributors.

Points Store

It’s a portal that lets the internal users of the system or employees of the company redeem the point they have gathered thanks to their excellent conduct for experiences, emotional salary or products configured by the company.


Monthly rent of the software includes:

  • Installation and customization of the system.
  • Tech Support in case of functional problems.
  • Negotiation/Renegotiation of product and service agreements to offer in the Point Store.
  • Inventory management.
  • Complete system administration for the company.

  • BieneStore Perks

  • Our software has the possibility to be integrated with other systems such as SAP and Oracle.
  • Friendly and intuitive web design.
  • It can be lifetime purchased or rented.


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