This system registers the history of the location and mobilization of products in their logistic process.

This technology of radio frequency detection, searches to improve the agility and trust of the company´s logistic process, reaching product tracking since the beginning until the end of the process.

The principles that are accomplished in the tracking process are:

  • Register.
  • Identification and capture.
  • Storage and view.

  • With a trustful and precise system, it allows the decision making in an immediate way. This agile process brings security of the information previously provided by the system.

    The elements that play part on the tracking process are described:

  • Register: in this part of the process the profiles of each product are created and registered in the system.

  • Identification and capture: in this part the system uses its different components for the RFID detection:
    - Reading: the chip is located over each product and is detected by the lecture mechanism
    - Identification: The software responsible for identifying the chip processes information read

  • Storage and display: in the last phase the processed data are stored for reading. The result of the process is displayed in real time.

  • This radiofrequency detection technology consists in the implementation of a chip (tag) having a unique code therein, by devices called Readers.

    The chip is able to relate to the different characteristics of the product.

    The code chip is stored and related to different product characteristics.


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