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We are integrators of businesses solutions, with understanding of the global market. We aim to transform the performance of our clients by information technologies and process outsourcing.

For more than 8 years, we have had the opportunity of helping different companies to realize their processes with efficiency. With our customized software, we adapt and give solutions to our client´s necessity. We aim to give you our best services, knowledge and talent, to achieve the efficiency of your organization.

Software Development

AND Software offers integrated services of software development, for different projects in different businesses areas. We construct a business relationship with the client and the project. Since the beginning until de end we assume a serious compromise, as technological partners of our clients so we can improve all the potential of the website, application, or developed product.

In our portfolio we offer:

  • Customize Software
  • Software Development
  • Development of reports oriented to data bases
  • Integration of applications
  • Web Sites development
  • Outsourcing

    Help Desk

    Our Outsourcing Service has been design to respond to the needs of our clients:

  • It reduces and controls laborer risks
  • It reduces and controls your operational costs
  • It standardize your processes
  • It increases your productivity
  • It improves the wealth being of your own labor force
  • It synchronizes internal and external actors of your company

  • The implementation of and integral outsourcing scheme, will allow our client to focus in the strategic processes that are part of his business.


    Lots of companies are not aware of the problems that can be produced by a inappropriate administration of the software licenses or the illegal use of programs used in their systems.

    Most of the small enterprises have not been concerned about the software licenses. They do not count with a real technological guidance, or have not given priority to legalize the software in their companies.

    For this reason, ADN Software wants to join you, and give you the best consultory in the process of information and licenses of your companies.

    We are specialist in:

  • Licensing of Microsoft® Software
  • SPrinting solutions, human talent manager, help desk and tracking solutions

  • To know more information, please contact us


    Seeking to provide a service to our customers, we have made alliances with some very prestigious companies.

    • Partner Registrado Microsoft
    • Union Consulting Group
      Union Consulting
    • Big Solution
      Big Solution
    • Ceipa Institución Universitaria
    • Conex Consulting Group