Answer system that works to solve the requests in the administration of different activities and processes of the company.

This mode of attention is directed towards the centralization of the user's requests, through a unique contact center. With specialized and trained employees, the system solves the necessities of direction and support of your company.

Characteristics of your Help Desk:

  • It responds to the fixing, configuration and installing of the hardware and software of the computer. It registers and supervises all of the computer events until the resolution moment.

  • If the agent does resolve the case, it escalates to a technician who visits the users in its work place.

  • The system manages and presents reports of performance, it shows answering times, services executions, inventories, distribution, software licensing, etc.

  • The system analyses and generates an information system with the more constant problems attended and resolved by the help desk. These reports are posted in your company's intranet to be consulted by the users. This generates a process of self-learning and decongestion of the system.
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